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Concorde Technology Group’s hosted telephony moves your telephone system into the cloud, so there is no need to buy, install or manage an onsite Private Branch Exchange (PBX). 

Your business will benefit from all of the features of a professional phone system, including voicemail, call forwarding, call transfer and call waiting, but without the capital investment and ongoing management overheads.

Concorde’s hosted telephony is simple to set up, flexible and scalable - ideal for start-ups and expanding businesses. You can add or remove extensions as you require them, even at different sites. Whether you are calling a colleague in the next office or calling internationally, Concorde offers high quality Skype for Business, hosted and VoIP solutions. 

Concorde Technology Group’s hosted VoIP is a fully managed hosted internet telephony platform, which offers all of the convenience of a traditional site-based PBX system, but with accessibility at its core.

The system is accessible from anywhere in the world with internet on a Concorde-configured VoIP device, providing the appropriate voice and bandwidth is assigned.

Hosted telephony in a secure Cloud environment provides flexibility, scalability and significantly reduced costs of calls.

Using a simple interface, it is straightforward to manage your business voice infrastructure, right down to individual user level. 

Delivering all of the features of a traditional PBX and more, Concorde’s Hosted IP telephony is a resilient VoIP-based PBX, hosted in the Cloud. Concorde’s solution provides your business with a managed, future proofed system, with low cost IP calling and no costly equipment upgrades or ongoing maintenance costs.

To find out how Concorde Technology Group can help you and your business with hosted telephony, contact us today, or speak to one of our experts on 03331 300600 or enquiries@tctg.co.uk. 

Concorde Technology Group provides world class technology services and solutions, including Technology Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Communications and Cyber Security.

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