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Internet access is a vital component to the daily operations of any business. 

Choosing a service can represent a challenge, with a wealth of service providers, and so many options available.

Concorde Technology Group’s Communications division can provide you with an internet solution that offers stability, whilst maximising your business’ performance.

ADSL is a common solution for bringing high bandwidth information to organisations using normal telephone lines.

ADSL comes in many different options, but the most familia forms of ADSL in the UK are ADSL and ADSL2+ or FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet Connectivity).

ADSL splits a normal telephone line into distinct separate voice and data channels, allowing you to make a telephone call while using the internet at the same time.

The technology is inexpensive, fast and simple to install. It is also a relatively reliable solution for many businesses, and generally represents a low cost option.

Concorde Technology Group’s bonded FTTC combines two or four separate business grade FTTC connections from different FTTC networks and bonds them together into a single network connection with a single IP address - your business will benefit from a flexible FTTC solution, which delivers stability, whilst maximising performance.

Concorde Technology Group provides a range of communications tools to maximise your business' performance, including hosted telephony, wireless and fibre leased lines, broadband and video conference facilities. Visit Concorde's online shop for a comprehensive range of products available for purchase. 

To find out how Concorde Technology Group can help you and your business with broadband, contact us today, or speak to one of our experts on 03331 300600 or enquiries@tctg.co.uk. 

Concorde Technology Group provides world class technology services and solutions, including Technology Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Communications and Cyber Security.

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