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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid cloud solutions offer an intelligent consolidation of on-premise private cloud services and third-party and/or public cloud services that essentially communicate, providing a highly efficient and robust solution.

Concorde’s hybrid cloud solutions can be located on premise or co-located, and allow workloads to move between private and public clouds offering excellent flexibility and scalability when dealing with demanding and cross-platform projects.

Delegate your work between highly-sensitive data, and less sensitive and/or test data to allow your systems to work better and more efficiently with intelligently allocated resource deployment.

Concorde Technology Group’s hybrid cloud solutions are also suitable for dynamic or fluctuating workflows, enabling you to use your private networks during regular service and utilise space in a public network during peak times. This is a highly intuitive and seamless service provided by Concorde’s in-house team of IT specialists.

Concorde’s hybrid cloud solution can run analytical queries via a public cloud, helping your business operate at high-level efficiency with low running costs.

Concorde Technology will work in collaboration with you and your teams to ensure your hybrid cloud solution is built around you and your requirements. 

We are able to build your solution around a number of tried and tested architectures and management options, we’ll deliver your hybrid cloud service bespoke to you, without compromising on speed, efficiency, or security.

Concorde Technology Group provides a range of managed cloud services to support your business, including data backup and disaster recovery services and infrastructure services. Our clients also benefit from comprehensive support, including an integrated support hub.  

To find out how Concorde Technology Group can help you and your business with hybrid solutions, contact us today, or speak to one of our experts on 03331 300600 or enquiries@tctg.co.uk. 

Concorde Technology Group provides world class technology services and solutions, including Technology Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Communications and Cyber Security.

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...have already passed, don't waste another second! Send us a message and we will get back to you.

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