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Bringing Your Security Heroes Together

Cyber criminals are mounting attacks with increasing sophistication, using coordinated means to gain access to your network from any and every threat vector.

Having your endpoint and network operating totally separate from each other not only leaves you vulnerable to attack, but can lead to more work for your teams and increases the time needed to detect and remove threats. Wouldn’t it be great to have a solution that could analyze and prioritize threat data collected from both the endpoint and network?

Well, now you can! WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite brings together advanced network security, robust endpoint capabilities and innovated threat correlation and response to fight the most nefarious threats, including ransomware and zero day attacks. Check out our comprehensive set of resources covering how you can easily harness the Power of Correlation to break down your security silos.

WatchGuard's Total Security Suite*

"It’s about having the outright capability, flexibility, and scalability WatchGuard provides. Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, whatever challenge you’re up against, you’ll do it with WatchGuard."

Andrew Evers, Head of IT, Reconomy

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