Don't be a statistic. Back up your Office 365 accounts today!

Did you know that with standard Microsoft Office 365 settings your deleted emails are only kept for about 14 days? At which point they could be gone forever if not backed up properly!

According to a recent ESG study of IT decision makers, nearly 30% erroneously presume that they don’t need to protect their Software as a Service (SaaS) data (including Office 365)*. This is YOUR data and YOUR responsibility to back it up!

With Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Office 365, you can keep your email data as long as you need, archiving email data based on your unique retention policies either for corporate governance or compliance needs.

Download our product overview and learn how Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 can ensure 24.7.365 Availability for your email data!

* Jason Buffington, Research Report Data Protection, Cloud Strategies, ESG December 2016


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