Here are our tips for surviving the good, the bad and the ugly of video calls over the next few weeks.  

1 - Select a good video conferencing software

2 - Make sure to have a stable internet connection

3 - Dress properly (slogan t-shirts are fine, but PJs are another realm)

4 - Send an agenda prior to the conference

5 - Keep time zones in mind

6 - Get rid of any distraction (...silence the dog with a juicy bone)

7 - Be acquainted with video conference features

8 - Never speak at the same time

9 - Think about your backdrop (NB - hide your clothes horse/Buffy the Vampire Slayer boxset)

10 - Look at your camera lens, not the screen

The more you do video calls the more comfortable you are - we are all in the same boat at the moment and video calls are great for recording conversations to future reference.

Time to embrace the video.

Remember we specialise in remote working software solutions that can be a real asset at this current time.  Drop us an email at or if you want to chat with us (video call is available).